Hot-tub dome (Nov, 1979)

Hot-tub dome
Hot tubs and whirlpools might use less energy if they were covered with this 14-ft dia. plastic dome. Its 10 side panels and four top panels are formed of 1/8-in.-thick Uvex. Solarium, Inc. (2901 John, Troy, Mich. 48084) makes the free-standing structure.

  1. StanFlouride says: July 17, 20086:27 am

    Question: How many people from Northern California does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

  2. StanFlouride says: July 17, 20086:28 am

    Answer: We don’t screw in light bulbs, we screw in hot tubs.

  3. Torgo says: July 17, 20086:30 pm

    Heh-heh. Having one of these would be like totally far-out and groovy, man!

  4. Cole says: July 18, 200812:40 am

    does this also function as a sauna?!

  5. docca says: July 27, 200811:33 am

    “does this also function as a sauna?!”

    That I don’t know, but all this pot smoke inside the dome is making me trippy, man!

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