Hotel Guests DIAL for Radio Programs (Aug, 1935)

This is pretty sweet.

Hotel Guests DIAL for Radio Programs
HOMESICK foreign guests at New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel can now listen to radio programs from their own country, or perhaps even from their home town. At their service is the greatest all-wave radio receiver in the world—a set which can bring to each of the 2,200 suites of rooms programs from any one of the powerful broadcasting stations in the world. These programs are oftentimes heard with the same volume and clarity as are local stations.

Some rooms have a unique dialing system, which permits guests to select any station they desire from a printed daily list of world-wide broadcasts, or even hear their favorite phonograph records. In other rooms there are controls on the modernistic loudspeaker, which give to guests a choice of six broadcasts. Amplifiers build up the strength of weak signals more than a hundred billion times.

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