House Boat Is an Old Oil Tank (Jun, 1939)

House Boat Is an Old Oil Tank
Made from an old 20,000-gallon oil tank, an unusual four-ton house boat built by Rene Tatro, of Kankakee, Ill., skims along the water at almost ten miles an hour. Powered by an old automobile engine, the curious craft has twin propellers and is balanced by five steel drums below the water level. Windows were cut out with an acetylene torch.

  1. MAKE: Blog says: August 1, 20069:29 am

    House boat from an old oil tank…

    Here’s a slightly better house boat, made from an oil tank – Link. Previous: Homemade houseboat – Link…….

  2. The Oil Tank House Boat « IM Design says: July 22, 20108:53 am

    […] the 1939 June issue of Popular Science, there is an amusing piece of engineering and design in which Rene Tatro refurbishes a 20,000 gallon oil tank into a house boat.  It has all the fancy […]

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