Household Inventions (Dec, 1928)

Good job Scientific American! Hard to get more high-tech than a bathroom dresser.

Household Inventions

Getting into the crevices where insects breed and multiply may now be done efficiently with the equipment shown above and to the right. The special container full of insecticide is attached to the handle of a vacuum cleaner and the blower attachment then thoroughly spreads the insecticide.— Airway Electric Appliance Corp., Toledo, Ohio

Despite the very modern heating equipment of today, the open fireplace is still in vogue. Thus there remains the problem of ash removal. The illustration at the left shows a skeletonized fireplace which has a special ash trap and chute to the basement. Above is shown the trap. Instead of shoveling the ashes into a can and carrying them out, all that is necessary when this device is installed is to give the lever a pull and the ashes fall into the basement—Fireplace Devices Co., 136 W. 83rd St., New York

To be installed in the wall next to the folding ironing board or other convenient place, this cabinet prevents electric iron fires. The hot iron may be safely closed in the steel and asbestos cabinet. — The Cunningham Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, California

A push on the triggers of this device causes the upper arms to fly up. When a button is pushed, the padded arms spring down on the garment.—Kno-Fall Garment Hangers, Inc., 720 Madison Ave., New York

Like the “cut-out” scoops used for ice cream at soda fountains, this new one of aluminum is sold in five and ten cent stores. It is useful for serving ice cream, rice, or mashed potatoes. —Lorraine Metal Mfg. Co., New York

A handy cabinet that takes only a few inches of floor space and offers a dresser top for toilet articles, an open shelf for towels, storage shelves for soaps, sponges, brushes, et cetera, and a ventilated compartment for soiled linen. It is made in several sizes to be set into or against the wall.—El Paso Sash and Door Co., El Paso, Texas

  1. StanFlouride says: December 19, 20092:07 am

    El Paso Sash and Door patented the wall-mounted ironing board cabinet:

    Working on Victorian and Edwardian buildings I am constantly surprised at the lack of built in cabinetry so I guess it was ‘high tech’ once upon a time.

  2. Chuck Berger says: January 6, 201011:13 pm

    “The hot iron may be safely closed in the steel and asbestos cabinet.”

    Stored “safely” in the asbestos cabinet huh? I suppose it’s just as safe as all that asbestos in the insulation of the house 🙂

  3. Firebrand38 says: January 6, 201011:44 pm

    20/20 hindsight always sounds so smug, especially after 81 years.

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