Household Tasks Simplified With These New Inventions (Mar, 1932)

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Household Tasks Simplified With These New Inventions

Now comes the automatic kettle, which boils the water, makes the tea and automatically shuts off the current when tea is ready, thus relieving the housewife of the necessity of tending the pot. The current consumption is comparatively low.

This combination dust pan and broom rack that attaches to the wall proves very practical and handy for housewives. Made of heavy metal, the device will last a lifetime.

An adjustable hinge that prevents excessive pressure on sandwiches is feature of new sandwich toaster and grill’ now being manufactured. The hinged cover may be turned all the way back, permitting both surfaces to be used for bacon; etc.

For homes without bathrooms this fold-up tub is ideal. When out of use the tub is folded into the cabinet along with steps.

There’s no danger from moths if you use this new coat hanger. A rod hanging from the lower crosspiece holds from one to fifty moth balls, thus keeping clothes well protected at all times. The hanger is made of wire, and is light weight.

Left—To keep fingers dry, this novel lemon squeezer prevents messiness by holding rind in pair of metal arms. Right— Here is latest word in kitchen convenience—a stove which holds all kitchen utensils where you can get them without fuss.

  1. whoozle whaazle says: November 21, 201112:08 pm

    Where does the water drain in the fold-up tub ? :S

  2. BrianC says: November 21, 20112:08 pm

    “1.Where does the water drain in the fold-up tub ?”

    All over the place, apparently…

  3. JMyint says: November 21, 20112:17 pm

    When I was just a little kid, the woman who babysat me had a galvanized bath tub. It had a valve at the foot of the tub that a garden hose connected to and the water just drained out into the yard. The tub itself sat on an enclosed back porch.

  4. Hirudinea says: November 21, 20113:22 pm

    “Household tasks simpilifed”? I thought thats what wives were for. 🙂

    Anyway the fold away tub is interesting, I could see these being used today if you like baths but only had room for a stand up shower.

  5. Jari says: November 22, 201110:57 am

    Hiru: How about bathtub/sofa combination instead?…

  6. Hirudinea says: November 23, 20116:57 pm

    @ Jari – LOL, with one of these and Homer Simpsons toilet chair (check out link) you’ed never have to stop watching TV!…

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