Housekeeping Tools to Minimize Labor (Dec, 1933)

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Housekeeping Tools TO MINIMIZE LABOR

UP-TO-DATE COAL STOVE. Here is a mod-ern coal range. It is so perfectly insulated that you can rest your hand any place on it but on the cooking plates. Coal is fed to it automatically and it burns only eight pounds a day. It has two ovens, one thermostatically controlled for baking, the other water-jacketed to keep the temperature under the boiling point. Hot water is available from a tap at the front. Draft is regulated by the lever at left. “Hot” and “medium” cooking plates are provided with this modern range

The appliance shown above prevents refuse from washing down the sink drain. It also acts as a stopper when the handle is turned. It is easily lifted out so that the drain and its connecting pipes can be kept clear

The photograph at the right shows the latest kind of rubber sponge. It is in the form of a mitten and fits snugly on the hand when bathing. It is obtainable in various colors to match the bathroom

Where no electric current is available, the device at left makes a satisfactory substitute for a vacuum cleaner. Working the plunger up and down sucks the dust into the bag at the top. This is easily removed

The new egg cooker at the left is of copper and resembles a double boiler. Cold water is poured in the top pot to a height indicated by three rings marked “hard,” “medium,” and “soft,” depending on how you like your eggs. The eggs are placed in cold water in the lower pot and a medium flame is used. When eggs are boiled, the chicken whistles

A new gas range has a recess in the back in which a gas or electric toaster may be placed. When the toaster is not installed, the compartment may be used for storing small kitchen utensils

ELECTRIC FRYER. Smoke and unpleasant odors usually associated with deep-fat frying are eliminated, the maker claims, in this four-quart electric fryer for the modern home

CORD REELS UP Kinks in the electric cord, or tripping over excess cord, are impossible with the vacuum cleaner above because the cord is wound on an automatic reel that frees whatever length of cord is needed, then winds it back into the handle at the touch of a convenient button

GRINDS OWN COAL Pulverized coal can be burned in the home furnace with the outfit at the right. It consists of a 500-pound hopper, an electric grinding mill, and a burner. Half-inch screenings are hammered to powder, piped to the furnace on an air stream and ignited by an electric spark. They burn like gas

MEDICINE SPOON. Giving medicine to children or invalids is facilitated by the extension which is placed in patient’s mouth before the spoon is tilted

TYPEWRITER TABLE. A porta-ble table for portable typewriters is adjustable to any height and can be used with any type of chair the operator fancies. It rests on metal legs and has filing compartment

SEALS THE TUBE. When attached to a tube of toothpaste or shaving cream, this cap automatically seals it and also provides a stand to hold it upright

MAKES RUGS NON-SKID. When applied to the under side of a rug, this liquid preparation will prevent it from slipping even on a polished floor. It is said not to harm the rug

SAVES TOOTHPASTE This frame holds the toothbrush and also insures no waste of toothpaste, by the action of a ball device which squeezes the paste out uniformly until it is all used

  1. Stannous says: February 14, 20078:36 pm

    Weird- on one side their is the pump broom and on the other a vacuum cleaner. The pump broom I saw in the Smithsonian describes it as a precursor to the vacuum.

    and yeah, I want to live in a wooden house and have ground coal dust (which has a tendency to explode) floating around, not to mention that it must have been REALLY noisy.

  2. ajpress says: May 31, 20073:01 pm

    That stove looks like an early AGA cooker. Gas fired and electric AGAs are still widely in use, and have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the last few years.

  3. Charlie says: May 31, 20073:08 pm

    I love the idea of a modern coal fired stove.

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