How do you decide who gets priority on your computer? (Apr, 1965)

The CDC 6000 series was designed by Seymour Cray.

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How do you decide who gets priority on your computer?

new 6000 SERIES Systems make “priority” a thing of the past

YOU CAN MAKE EVERYBODY “FIRST IN LINE” — because the new CONTROL DATA® Series 6000 Systems do things differently than any other computers available today. Their massive memory and incredible speed allow simultaneous access by a number of different users with different programs.

Each of these Series 6000 Systems is literally eleven computers in one — “concurrent parallel” — able to operate separately or in concert as needed. They handle eleven programs at once . . . along with almost unlimited peripheral equipment. And operate fantastically fast; ten to a thousand times more rapidly than other present systems.

There now are three sizes of Series 6000 Systems to choose from … the 6400, 6600 and 6800. You might use one to — • Provide computing for your entire corporate complex, streamlining research, production, inventory control, accounting, market appraisal, order processing and management. Handle all the operations concurrently, as if each division had its own system.

• Revolutionize order handling for retail chains with geographically separated outlets. Supply on-the-spot confirmation of goods available in scattered warehouses. Issue restocking orders. Check credit. Do accounting on an automated, continuing basis. All at the same time.

• Correlate data of enormous proportions and interlocking meaning for engineers and researchers. Study 3-dimensional mathematical models beyond any conceived up to now. Handle all elements of these immense problems simultaneously, in real time.

For complete documentation of the capabilities of Series 6000 systems, write to Dept. B-45, Control Data Corporation, 8100 34th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minn. 55440.


Not higher —but less!

Anyone presently spending $20-thousand a month rental or more should investigate a Series 6000 System. One prominent manufacturer now planning a 6000 installation anticipates savings from the switchover of roughly $100-thousand a month because of the improved price-performance ratio. And Series 6000 Systems offer you a two-year delivery lead over any alternative computer that can claim to be in the same league … install in less space than many present systems of far less capability.


  1. Hirudinea says: October 17, 20119:48 am

    11 programs at once and only $20k a month, how can you lose!?

  2. Jari says: October 17, 20112:40 pm

    That display console is my favorite. Dual CRTs using vector based characters and graphics.

  3. Wayne Johnston says: October 17, 20117:32 pm

    The fastest of the lot was the CDC 6600. For comparison purposes a ‘386 PC was about twice as fast as the CDC 6600. Your average smartphone is about 200 times as fast. A core i7 PC is about 1300 times as fast.

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