How Europe’s Big Nations Match in Fighting Power (Jun, 1936)

How Europe’s Big Nations Match in Fighting Power

If war should be declared today, Russia would have more men and more planes at her command than any other nation in Europe. The Soviet Republic boasts a standing army of 1,300,000, reserves of 7,000,000 and an air fleet of 3,000 planes. Italy ranks second in Europe, with a standing army of 1,200,000, which is far above normal strength due to the conflict with Ethiopia, reserves of 5,800,000 and an air fleet of 1,500 planes. Germany’s standing army numbers 650,000, her reserves total 1,400,000, but her air strength is kept secret. France has 600,000 men in her standing army, slightly more than one million reserves and 2,500 planes. Her air fleet is second to that of Russia. Great Britain’s standing army of 400,000, her reserves of 500,000 and her air fleet of 1,100 planes place that nation last, from a standpoint of readiness for emergency. This comparison of strength was prepared by observers during Germany’s remilitarization of the Rhineland, an act which France and other European nations regard as a violation of the Locarno Treaty.

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  1. Zeppflyer says: October 24, 20128:32 am

    This measurement is about as silly as Mitt’s reliance on the pure number of ships in our fleet.

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