How “Jack the Weakling” SLAUGHTERED THE “DANCE-FLOOR HOG”! (May, 1945)


I Can Make You A New Man, Too —in Only 15 Minutes A Day!

HAVE YOU ever felt like Jack—absolutely fed up with having bigger, huskier fellows “push you around”? If you have, then give me just 15 minutes a day! I’ll PROVE you can have a body you’ll be proud of, packed with red-blooded vitality!

“Dynamic Tension” That’s the secret! That’s how I changed myself from a scrawny, 97-pound weakling to winner of the title, “World’s Most Perfectly Oeveloped Man.”

“Dynamic Tension” Does It!

Using “Dynamic Tension” only 15 minutes a day, in the privacy of your own room, you quickly begin to put on muscle, increase your chest measurements, broaden your back, fill out your arms and legs. This easy, NATURAL method will make you a finer specimen of REAL MANHOOD than you ever dreamed you could be!

You Get Results FAST Almost before you realize it, you will Notice a general “toning up” of your entire system! You will have more pep, bright eyes, clear head, real spring and zip in your step! You get sledge-hammer fists, a battering-ram punch—chest and back muscles so big they almost split your coat seams — ridges of solid stomach muscle—mighty legs that never get tired. You’re a New Man!

FREE BOOK Thousands of fellows have used my marvelous system. Read what they say-see how they looked before and after— in my book, “Everlasting Health and Strength.”

Send NOW for this book—FREE. It tells all about “Dynamic Tension” shows you actual photos of men I’ve turned from puny weaklings into Atlas Champions. It tells how I can do the same for YOU. Don’t put it off! Address me personally: Charles Atlas, Dept. 65, 115 East 23rd St., New York 10.

CHARLES ATLAS, Dept. 65, 115 East 23rd St., New York 10, N. Y.

I want the proof that your system of “Dynamic Tension” will help make a New Man of me —give me a healthy, husky body and big muscular development. Send me your free book. “Everlasting Health and Strength.”

  1. Toronto says: November 26, 201212:32 pm

    It’s always the poor chair that gets it.

  2. Hirudinea says: November 26, 20122:09 pm

    Not only did Jack get muscles he got roid rage!

  3. experiment 626 says: November 26, 20122:11 pm

    @Toronto What about the lamp? Sure it’s not getting kicked but it is still flying around!

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