Jimmy’s brother Dan, who was in his sophomore year in college, had always been popular. Even as a youngster he was the leader of his crowd, invited to all kinds of parties. So when he came home on his vacation and found Jimmy always being passed up when party invitations were given out, he tried to find out why. Then he told Jimmy what thousands of boys and girls have found out—that a good harmonica player is always in demand for all kinds of parties and outings. And when players form Harmonica Hands, they are simply swamped with invitations to play everywhere, over the radio, at public receptions and big school events.

New Instruction Book Makes Learning to Play Harmonica Easier Than Ever The new Hohner Instruction Book “Harmonica Playing Made Easy” is the simplest and easiest Instruction Book ever prepared for the Harmonica. It takes you step by step right from the correct way to blow each single note, right up to where you play complete selections. A number of old time popular songs arranged for Harmonica, are included complete in the book. Also tells hew to organize a Harmonica Band. Just send in the coupon below for a Free Copy.

All Fine Players Use HOHNER HARMONICAS Practically all the expert players you hear over the radio or on the stage use only Hohner Harmonicas because they are true in pitch, accurate in tone and sturdy in construction, Larry Adler, the sensational stage soloist, Charles Newman, the radio star, Carl Freed, leader of the well known Harmonica Harlequins, Albert N. Hoxie, Director of the famous Philadelphia Harmonica Band, are only a few of the well known artists who use Hohner Harmonicas exclusively. So be sure to ask your dealer for a Hohner—”the world’s best”, and look for the Hohner name on the box and on the instrument.

M. HOHNER, Inc. 351 Fourth Avenue New York

  1. Daniel Rutter says: April 1, 20105:29 am

    And if they still don’t invite you to parties, you’re now able to play the blues!

  2. Paul says: April 1, 20108:11 am

    I own a Marine Band, two Blues Harps and a Chromonica (all Hohner instruments), and no-one ever invites ME to parties. Those liars!!

    Maybe I should take up the accordion.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: April 1, 20108:50 am

    Then the most popular guy on death row, like in all the movies…

  4. KD5ZS says: April 1, 201010:39 am

    I thought the protagonist was Lentil, not Jimmy.

  5. Don says: April 1, 201012:29 pm

    an HARMONICA! I need an HARMONICA!! –Hawkeye Pierce

  6. Jari says: April 1, 20101:07 pm

    And of course, if Jimmy didn’t come popular……

  7. Johnny Q says: April 2, 20105:40 am

    This is the Jimmy equivalent of the 1980s:…

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