How long since your last raise? (Dec, 1953)

How long since your last raise?

Sure, you’ve had a “cost of living increase.” But what about the big pay boost?—the kind the boss asks you not to talk about and the kind that starts you thinking about a new car, a better home, luxuries for your family!

If you’ve had one of these in the past six months, stop reading right here. If not, it’s time to start doing something about it.

Look around you. The men who ore advancing ore He trained men. They’ve learned special skills that bring them higher pay. It’s the men without training who get what’s loft.

What are you going to do about it? Just wait and hope for the jackpot to pay off? If you really want the big money, you can start by getting the necessary training at home in your spare time.

International Correspondence Schools offer you a course in 391 success-proved subjects. You get the practical plus the bedrock facts and theory. You earn while you learn. Students often report their first big pay increases right after enrolling.

Read carefully the list of subjects in the coupon below.
Pick out the field of study that interests you most — the one with the greatest future for you. Then mark and mail the coupon and find out what I. C. S. can do for you. All it costs is a stamp or a postcard.

Why not do it right away — it may be the most important step you’ve ever taken!
I.C.S. —the lifetime Christmas gift
I.C.S., Scranton 9, Penna.

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  1. relaxing says: September 11, 20062:08 pm

    I’ve seen that man-on-treadmill illustration co-opted for Church of the Subgenius publications, but I never knew the source until now! Thanks, Modern Mechanix!

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