How soon will you be able to see over the phone? (Aug, 1956)

There is something humorous about a rotary video phone.

How soon will you be able to see over the phone?

It may be sooner than you think. For the remarkable new Hughes tonotron—now used for high-fidelity transmission of maps and other navigational pictures to ships and aircraft—will make possible “face-to-face” telephone calls to and from your office or home.

The tonotron is only one example of Hughes Products leadership in research and development of electron tubes and related advances in electronics, such as transistors and diodes. It is with products like these that science will bring about the dynamic electronics era—in which you will have on-the-wall television, electronic control of factory production, and countless other marvels.

As one of the country’s largest electronics research and manufacturing firms, Hughes Products backs its semiconductors, cathode ray tubes, and industrial systems and controls with a long record of technical accomplishments. These include the “thinking” falcon air-to-air missile, and the self-directing Hughes Automatic Armament Control which is standard equipment on all Air Force interceptors.

Undoubtedly there is a time- and money-saving application of Hughes electronic products to your own business. A Hughes Products sales engineer will welcome the opportunity to work with your staff. Please write: Hughes Products, Los Angeles 45, California.

  1. jpowell180 says: June 5, 20069:29 am

    “I think we should put one of these niftykeen gadgets in EVERY household in the US of A – and keep the camera on even after the call’s over to help good ‘ol J. Edgar catch those dastardly commies, what do YOU think, Jenkins”

    “Gollygeewhiz, GREAT goshdarn idea, J.B.!!”.

  2. [Pal?oelektronik] Tonotron | hilpers says: January 17, 20091:42 pm

    […] und speichern(!) kann. Die urspr?ngliche Idee, den Massenmarkt Videotelephonie zu erobern: http://blog.modernmecha……ver-the-phone/ hat dann wohl doch nicht so geklappt, obwohl das Teil unten in der Anzeige ziemlich genau so […]

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