How to be ready for anything (Mar, 1970)

How to be ready for anything

A. Picture hat concealing current copy of Women’s Wear Daily, which has hopefully decreed that skirts are going midi, willy-nilly.

B. Calibrated cigarette holder and tape-measure charm bracelet for measurement of other women’s skirts.

C. Earmuffs for deadening criticism.

D. Feather duster for louvered skirts. Should cut down on cleaning costs.

E. Short-wave antenna to pull in Paris fashion flashes.

F. Hot Line direct to 8th arrondissement

G. The Ultimate Skirt.

H. Mechanism for controlling precise degree of see-through that fashion permits or demands.

I. Ruled stockings for making last-minute measurements.

J. Handy pendants for length control (a Venetian inspiration)

  1. Hirudinea says: September 19, 20121:35 pm

    Well considering how weird haute couture is if I saw a woman walking down the street wearing this I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Stephen says: September 20, 20124:07 am

    @Hirundinea: my standard example is a wooden skirt which converts into a coffee table. I’m not joking. It was created by someone called Huseyin Chalayni, and, of course, the year he came up with that he was given the Designer of the Year award.

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