How to CRACK the education barrier (May, 1956)

How to CRACK the education barrier

Is there an “education barrier” between you and promotion? Are young college graduates being brought in to fill positions above you?

You can break down that barrier . . . gain real security, responsibility, prestige . . . surprise fellow employees and win their respect. You can match yourself against the smartest of the college boys and come out a WINNER. Here’s how!


If you can spare an hour a day, if you have the determination to make good, if you’re willing to invest pennies now for dollars later on-then I.C.S, can help you. You can be a man or woman, young or old, skilled or unskilled. So long as you can understand simple language and illustrated training manuals, you need have no doubts. The I.C.S, hour-a-day plan is success-proved. You learn while you earn — anywhere, any time.

Just pick the subject you want!

Only I.C.S, offers you such a wide range of subjects to choose from. Drafting. Engineering. Television. Aeronautics. Business. High School. 256 courses in all. I.C.S, is the oldest, largest home-study school. It is also the best known in business and industry.

Free catalog plus free books!

When you mail the coupon- below, you get a complete catalog on the subject you check with information about employment opportunities, training requirements, etc. And you get “How to Succeed” —36 pages of valuable tips on winning recognition, pay raises, success. Also, a free sample lesson in basic mathematics.

For Real Job Security —Get an I. C. S. Diploma! I. C. S., Scranton 9, Penna.

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  1. ROBERT MURIHE ZIRO says: February 21, 201111:22 pm

    kindly advise on BTEC Electronic course. i hold a HND GMDSS and ENEM fro southtyneside marine college UK and Diploma in telecommunication from Kenya polytechnic. i wish to pursue this course.

  2. peter says: March 26, 201111:18 pm

    please send info on how i can start lerning

  3. Jacob Etseamhe Daudu says: May 11, 20119:10 am

    please, kindly send me the necessary materials to enable me get started
    with my chosen course of study in Business Studies at CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA level. Thnks and regards.

  4. Jacob Etseamhe Daudu says: May 11, 20119:15 am

    please, kindly send me the necessary materials for enrollment to enable me get started with my chosen course of study in BUSINESS STUDIES at CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA level. Thanks and regards.

  5. John says: May 11, 20119:59 am

    Jacob Etseamhe Daudu: You can say that again!
    Actually you can all get started by buying a calendar and accepting that it isn’t 1956 anymore.

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