how to give your shots new life (Oct, 1952)

how to give your shots new life

For pictures with a natural, lifelike snap and sparkle . . . with remarkable detail and definition, no camera fills the bill the way a Leica does. The supreme resolving power of its lenses . . . their amazing versatility open up a whole new world of picture possibilities. And any kind of picture-making is simple with a light, compact, precision-perfect Leica, designed for almost automatic ease of operation . . . carrying . . . maneuvering. Ask your photo-expert Leica Dealer.

makes better pictures easier
E. LEITZ, Inc., 304 Hudson St., New York 13, N.Y.

  1. Stephen says: August 26, 20115:55 am

    The young bird shows its dinosaur heritage particularly clearly.

  2. Charlene says: August 26, 20118:59 am

    Which bright light in the marketing department thought that a photograph of the ugliest bird in existence would move stock?

  3. Toronto says: August 26, 20119:40 am

    Charlene: If they had photographed a happy birthday party, everyone would have thought it was a Kodak ad.

  4. Darren says: August 31, 20118:33 pm

    Sorry for my ignorance, would this be a black and white camera or did colour come out by then?

  5. Jari says: September 1, 201110:26 am

    Darren: Depends, if you buy b/w or color film for that camera. Of course, if you would have checked wikipedia for “Color photography”, you would have had the answer much sooner.

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