How to handle your car when you’re loaded (Jul, 1973)

The headline double meaning had to be intentional, right?

How to handle your car when you’re loaded

There are times when even the best suspension system can’t cope with your car’s rear-end sag.

When you tow a recreational vehicle. Or a horse trailer. Or a boat. Or a snow-mobile. Or any off-road vehicle.
When you overload the rear end of your car, or wagon, or pick-up-truck—with people, luggage, tools, samples or equipment.

The sensational new Scovill Load-Tamer works with your air shocks to keep your car on the level. No more sag. No more drag. You accelerate better, corner better, steer better. Your headlights aim properly. Your tires wear better. In short, you get a safe, reliable, comfortable ride.

Scovill Load-Tamer adjusts your air shocks to compensate for any load in the rear. You just set a dial, conveniently located on the instrument panel, and your air shocks
automatically adjust to any load condition. You can inflate or deflate them, from 20 PSI to 150 PSI, in two to three minutes, even while you’re driving.

Scovill Load-Tamer automatically shuts off when the desired pressure is reached and your car is riding level. It automatically restores lost pressure, protecting you against minor system leaks or bleed-off peaks. It works with any air shocks: Delco Pleasur-Lift, Gabriel Hi-Jacker, Columbus Levelizer, Monroe Max-Air and Ride-Leveler, Goerlich Thruway Air Adjustable, Air Shox, CureRide, Weight-Lifter. Any air shocks!

Ask for the Scovill Load-Tamer wherever air shocks are sold or serviced. (For the name of a place near you, write to the address below.)

Suggested retail $59.95, plus installation. Small investment to let you handle your car safely when you’re loaded.

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