How to LOOK YOUNG AS A GIRL (Feb, 1937)


Bring back youth to your face

• Here is a proven method that removes marks of age and keeps them from returning . . . Kathryn Murray’s 5-minute Facial Exercises, Used by 40,000 women.

Only 5 Minutes a Day

• Strictly personal Instruction which you follow while seated before your mirror. Only 5 minutes a day spent on these easy, simple facial exercises works wonders. No
straps, massage or packs. Facial exercises stimulate skin circulation, tone up the tiny face muscles and restore radiance to your cheeks. Double chin, crows feet, wrinkles disappear. You look years younger.

Free Book Tells You How

• Now is the time to find out how valuable these amazing facial exercises may be to you. Write today for fascinating free book that tells all about them. Do not delay. Tomorrow you may forget. Send a letter or postcard right now asking for the “Facial Beauty Book.”

Kathryn Murray, Inc. Suite 234 28 E. Jackson, Chicago

  1. amy says: November 6, 20107:44 pm

    how could i get free FACIAL BEAUTY BOOK.

  2. Firebrand38 says: November 7, 20108:15 am

    amy: What you need is a Free Calendar so you can know that it’s now 2010 and the ad for this book is from 1937.

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