HOW TO OBTAIN A Better Looking Nose (Dec, 1930)

HOW TO OBTAIN A Better Looking Nose

Improve Your Personal Appearance My free book tells you how I guarantee to improve the shape of your nose by remodeling the cartilage and fleshy parts, quickly, safely, and painlessly, or refund your money. The very fine, precise adjustments which only my new patented Model 25 Nose Shaper possesses, make results satisfactory and lasting. Worn night or day. Over 100,000 users. Send for free book to

M. TRILETY, Pioneer Noseshaping Specialist
Dept. 193, Binghamton, N. Y.

  1. Firebrand38 says: October 29, 20072:39 pm

    You ain’t gonna believe this, but I found the patent on-line in case anyone wants to see what this gimmick was about:…

  2. Myles Rempel says: October 30, 20079:11 am

    Buyer beware 🙂

  3. Charles says: March 31, 201010:50 am

    hasn’t anyone heard of African women that stretch their neck? Your body will re-shape if something is applied to it enough. I’m not saying this is a great idea but it would work if done enough.

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