How To Use Bar Bells Intelligently—Successfully (Mar, 1922)

Wow, that does look like an intelligent way to use a bar bell!

How To Use Bar Bells Intelligently—Successfully
The value of owning a Bar Bell depends upon knowing how to use it. Bar Bell exercise can De either helpful or hurtful Prof Anthony Barker’s Complete Course in Heavy Dumbbell Exercises shows the way to get the best results without danger of strain or injury. Gives instructions for complete development of entire body Contains 40 different exercises, illustrated.

Warren Lincoln Travis, the World’s Champion Weight Lifter, says: “I do all my training with Prof Barker’s system because it is the best and quickest method of gaining health and strength.”
Complete course postpaid, $2.00
Prof. A. BARKER, D. C, Studio 6, 865 6th Ave., N. Y. C.

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