How’s This For Luxury? (Mar, 1956)

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How’s This For Luxury?

This Englishman’s car is literally his castle— a plush, sumptuous $14,000 dream on wheels.

PLUSH seems a woefully inadequate word to describe the Bentley Countryman Saloon, the fabulously luxurious auto owned by Mr. A. Walker of Watchers, Hastemere, Surrey, England, With whom Uncle Tom is shown in the photo above. The Bentley’s rear seat armrests have concealed cocktail shakers and glasses, canapes, nuts and olives. Two fold-out tables on the rear seat allow you to savor these goodies in lazy leisure. Converting the seats to beds, you have a six-foot, six-inch station wagon—a dream on wheels.

  1. Cleanser says: May 23, 20087:20 am

    That’s equivalent to about $107,000 today, I think. I do like the foldout tables!

  2. Michael Patrick says: May 23, 200810:52 am

    I like there is a little drinks table by the steering wheel for when “traffic’s heavy”.

  3. mc says: May 23, 20086:50 pm

    This was a long time before MADD.

  4. cATFLAP says: May 24, 20084:11 am

    Is that 4 bottles of Gin in the top pic on p2 ? O_o

  5. K!P says: May 26, 20085:41 am

    nice that a bently has seats that become beds, because a hotel would be excessive!

  6. MKremer says: May 26, 20083:29 pm

    Gotta love British eccentics.

    It also makes me wonder how many filthy rich American folks were doing the same (or even way beyond) at the same time.

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