Huge Pencil That Cannot Get Lost Also Has an Easy Grip (Oct, 1924)

Huge Pencil That Cannot Get Lost Also Has an Easy Grip

For the use of editors, writers, business men and others whose desks are covered with letters and manuscripts, a pencil so
large that it can always be readily found when hidden under a mass of papers, has been introduced by a European manufacturer. Because of its size, one end generally projects when lying under a heap of correspondence. Should it, however, become entirely buried, i t s location can be quickly detected by passing the hand over the desk, when the thick shaft will be distinctly felt. About twice the length of an ordinary pencil, it has a correspondingly greater diameter, affording a good grip. The lead is of such ample size that it does not have to be sharpened frequently.

  1. galessa says: March 25, 20075:16 pm

    so that’s it? the new adress? seems to be working perfectly! congrats!

  2. Charlie says: March 25, 20077:30 pm


    No one was supposed to see the beta address, but other than that, it went a lot better than I expected. The biggest problem was getting all 20 gigs of files over to the new server. Dreamhost kept killing my connections.

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