Human Billboard (Dec, 1939)

Human Billboard
AN UNEMPLOYED Budapest bank clerk, sadly in need of funds, hit upon the idea of using his head for advertising purposes. Shaving the back of his head bare, he rented the space for ads.

  1. howarthc says: July 13, 20073:44 am

    Evidently this does not impress the ladies. Nevermind, based on the date Hungary is soon to start collaborating with the Nazis which should open up lots of business opportunities for such an enterprising young chap 😀

  2. MikeBeversluis says: July 13, 20076:12 am

    Hey, it’s less dumb than getting a tattoo across your forehead.

  3. Stannous says: July 13, 20078:08 am

    I just wonder who or what “Jön!” was…

  4. Blurgle says: July 13, 200711:36 am

    “Jön!” is Hungarian for “Golden Palace Casino”.

  5. sedthh says: August 16, 20081:54 pm

    I am from Hungary, and came across this site, searching for old advertisements. This ad is just hilarious 😀

    btw ‘Jön!’ means ‘Coming soon!’ or ‘Something is coming!’

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