Human-Fly WHIRLIGIG (Dec, 1950)


LITERALLY stuck to the wall are patrons of a new amusement-park ride in Frankfurt, Germany. Fun-seekers climb into a giant drum, about 15 feet in diameter, which is open at the top. The drum begins to revolve, building up speed. When whirling at top speed the floor drops away, leaving the patrons stuck against the wall with a centrifugal force double their own weight. Tables, chairs, clothing or anything else can be suspended against the wall. Above the drum the amusement park has constructed several tiers of balconies from which the spectators can watch the fun. The antics of the riders are plainly visible because at top speed the drum rotates only 15 miles an hour. About 30 persons can climb into the drum and be “glued” to the wall at the same time, frozen into any position they may choose.

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  1. Anne says: April 7, 20087:21 pm

    This would be fun! Of course, some bright people probably tried (or would try) to jump away from the walls or something. Boo.

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