“Human Quoits” Is Amusing New Bathing Beach Game (Sep, 1931)

“Human Quoits” Is Amusing New Bathing Beach Game

YOU have to use your head in this amusing new game of “human quoits” in which padded barrel hoops are tossed at the heads of players buried in the sand, the object being to “ring” them. It’s a game amusing to spectators as well as players, and one in which the human targets get quite a thrill, since, buried in sand as they are, dodging is impossible. If you want to try out this game on your own beach, light weight hoops can be made by winding cotton batting and a covering fabric around a core of light gauge steel wire.

  1. Charlene says: October 28, 20116:47 am

    Which lawyer invented this?

  2. Buddy says: October 28, 20118:11 am

    Things I would “accidentally´´do:

    * throw short to kick as much sand into their faces, that would get boring quickly, so …
    * direct dogs to lick their faces and maybe worse!
    * drop drinks on them
    * throw food around them to attract birds and other animals

    I’m laughing like a goof right now, wish I could have been there to see this…

  3. Tim says: October 28, 20118:55 am

    Combine this game with “Whack-a-Mole” or Dodge ball.
    Or enjoy the slow-paced game of “Wait ’til the tide comes in.”

  4. Scott says: October 28, 20116:47 pm

    At least they’re not throwing Jarts

  5. . says: October 30, 20114:22 pm

    They totally did this in Fist of the North Star.

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