Hydraulic Control OPENS Garage Door (Nov, 1931)

Hydraulic Control OPENS Garage Door

OPERATED from ordinary water pipes with pressure furnished by a simple pipe attachment, an inexpensive new device for opening and closing garage doors from the driver’s seat of the automobile proves a great convenience to motorists. It will open or close, lock or unlock garage doors without the driver’s leaving the machine.

A simple and easily-handled hydraulic device, consisting of two valves, one valve with lock and key, is placed in a convenient location on the edge of the driveway where it is within easy reach of the driver’s arm. The other valve is placed inside the garage. Either valve opens and closes the doors.

  1. rick says: April 1, 200911:33 am

    It may open those doors on the garage but I can’t see how that monstrous car is going to fit through them or under the garage roof. In fact that car looks bigger than a Hummer!


  2. Thundercat says: April 1, 200912:34 pm

    Its always refreshing to see some of these wacky “futuristic” inventions that actually became useful and widely used.

  3. nlpnt says: April 1, 200910:07 pm

    The key pole looks faked.

  4. ispy says: April 4, 20091:26 pm

    well boys and girls … there are a number of these that are still operating around USA and Canada,
    the real question is how come you don’t know how to make this simple device and post it on youtube?
    i know of 2 military bases that use these to make sure no chump tries to steal tanks, unless you can fit 500 really fat people on pad that’s 8 ft by 4 ft? [grin]

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