I go for a TALL man (Mar, 1954)

I go for a TALL man
Wishing won’t make you TALLER . .. but “ELEVATORS” will! In these wonderful height-increasing shoes you grow almost 2 inches the instant you put them on.

The Original and Genuine ELEVATORS*
Height-Increasing Shoes
“Your Personal Pedestal”
*Trade Mark of Stone-Tarlow Co., Inc.

No one will ever guess your hidden secret, for the heels are no higher than in any other fine shoes. Try a pair, you’ll look better, feel better, and do better.
Styles for Street, Dress, Sport.

Premier Grade $19.95
DeLuxe Grade $21.95

Mail Coupon for FREE BOOKLET
STONE-TARLOW CO., INC. Dept. P.S.3S4 Brockton 68, Mass.
Send Free Booklet and name of neareast dealer. I understand no salesman will call.

  1. Anne says: April 9, 20089:15 am

    Nobody will guess… as long as you never, ever take off the shoes – even after you are married to that girl that only likes tall men.

  2. i am critic says: March 6, 200910:23 am

    But they can make screen stars out of Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Kirk Douglas, William Shatner, Claude Rains, Edward G. Robinson, Tom Cruise and a lot others. 😀

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