I saw my job failure in my family’s eyes (May, 1956)

I.C.S. has never had any compunction about using a man’s shame and sense of helplessness to sell their product.

I saw my job failure in my family’s eyes

. . . but how they smiled when I.C.S. pulled me through

Take it from me. That’s the hard way to discover a mistake.

I thought I was in solid down at the plant with my years of experience. They’d never lay me off.

But they did. And I was in solid —as long as business was good. But when things started getting tight…

“In times like these,” the boss told me, “everybody has to pull his own weight and a little more. Experience is more than just adding up years. You have to learn something, too.”

I was sore, sure. But when I calmed down I realized he was right. I decided then to start learning. I signed up for an I.C.S. Course, studied at home in my spare time.

Then I went back to the plant. The boss was so impressed with my I.C.S. diploma, he gave me another try… and soon after I even got a raise!

TRAINED men are in demand.

It’s a fact. Right now there are plenty of job opportunities for trained men. How do you get training and hold down a job at the same time? Simple. Study with I.C.S. at home, in your spare time, at a cost of only pennies a day.

I.C.S. is the oldest and largest correspondence school. 256 courses. Business, industrial, engineering, academic, high school. One for you. Direct, job-related. Bedrock facts and theory plus practical application. Complete lesson and answer service. Diploma to graduates.

3 FREE BOOKS 1. “How to Succeed,” a gold mine of job tips that will open your eyes to your own mistakes. 2. An outline of job opportunities in the field of your choice. 3. A sample I.C.S, lesson text. Send for them today.

For Real Job Security—Get an I.C.S. Diploma!

I.C.S., Scranton 9, Penna.

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  1. 2sk21 says: June 4, 20122:43 am

    These for-profit degree mills have been some of the biggest winners in the student loss scam of recent years. Nothing much has changed.

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