I tol’em and I tol’em! (Jun, 1955)

Why is it that the gorilla speaking like he’s in a minstrel show?

I tol’em and I tol’em!
Yes, I did
“Being chief engineer on one of these red hot
projects ain’t hay and the big gripe is that no matter
what goes wrong I can’t fix it. That’s why at the start
when the confusion is still gently confined to the breadboard
you should call in Sigma. Confusion is an old story to
those boys. — actual unsolicited testimonial by I. M. A. Ape, Sc.D., chief engineer, Simian Products Company, Kivu Heights, Africa.
OK, now that you’ve had the hard-sell, we do have a relay that we’d like to talk about. It does some difficult jobs very well. Here are the basic specifications:

Miniature [.not sub-miniature] sensitive double pole sensitive relay. Excellent combination of small size and high performance.

If you are interested, we’ll be glad to send you a bulletin sheet on the Series 22, or a complete catalog if you prefer.

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