IBM Electric Typewriters really “speak your language” (Oct, 1953)

With new Changeable Type Bars

IBM Electric Typewriters really “speak your language”

In your business do you need certain special symbols from time to time for typing letters, manuscripts and reports?
Then what you need is an IBM Electric Typewriter because Changeable Type Bars can be installed in every new IBM!
This revolutionary and exclusive Electric Typewriter development makes it possible to interchange in certain key positions regular and special type bars as needed. The wide selection of optional type characters includes scientific, mathematical, foreign-language •symbols, and many other special characters such as subscripts and exponents.

The switch takes only 30 seconds— you simply unhook the regular key and hook the special key in its place—or vice versa.
Tell us your special needs. We’ll be glad to show you how easily and economically this new IBM feature can serve you.
For additional information write IBM, Dept. SC, 590 Madison Avenue, New York 22, N. Y.

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