Ice-Cream Bars Are Made Easily with Dipping Outfit (Jun, 1935)

Ice-Cream Bars Are Made Easily with Dipping Outfit

Less expensive than some other equipment on the market, a new ice-cream bar maker has several desirable features. One is a spreader that holds the bars, with the flat, wooden sticks inserted, in position for dipping in chocolate or similar coating mixture. After dipping, the bars are hung on a rack to dry, the spreader and dipping apparatus being arranged for this purpose. The dipping tank has a 110-volt heater for keeping the chocolate at the proper temperature. A cutting guide with a chilled base to prevent the ice cream from melting, assures that each bar will be the same size. Standard ice-cream bricks are used in the equipment. The small size outfit is designed to produce between forty-five and sixty dozen bars per hour, while the large size makes 125 to 150 dozen per hour.

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