Ice Men Receive New Style Tips (Mar, 1936)

Ice Men Receive New Style Tips

ICE tongs and overalls will be distinctly out of style for the ice men of 1936, it was explained at the Chicago convention of the National Association of Ice Industries. Ice will be carried in leak proof canvas bags instead of with tongs, while the well dressed ice man will wear light trousers with shirt and service cap to match. A bow tie goes with the outfit.

  1. Anton says: August 13, 20105:31 am

    I remember tongs with sharp tips, thick gloves and even two wheel carts that were used by our ice men delivering to our home in the 40’s. But I never saw one of these with new style tips helping our ice men. Guess this is proof, however, that bags were available for that tough job.

  2. Firebrand38 says: August 13, 20107:41 am

    The National Association of Ice Industries? I wonder if they lobbied for a bailout when people switched from ice boxes to refrigerators?

    That just strikes me as kind of sad. One day you’re the head of the National Association of Ice Industries next thing you know you’re unemployed.

    And so it goes.

  3. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 20, 20104:12 pm

    There’s still ice factories around. Those bags and blocks of ice in grocery stores aren’t made on site. And they branched out into making dry ice for ice cream carts like they have in amusement parks.

    I wonder if the uniform required lipstick, makeup and a curly do? [They keep calling the model a guy].

  4. Anton says: August 25, 20109:18 am

    Arglebarglefarglegleep: I see by your outfit that you are an ice man. I can see by your outfit that you’re also an ice man. We can see by our outfits that we are both ice men. If you get an outfit you can be an ice man too!

  5. Phil Ethier says: January 24, 20111:21 pm

    Thank you, Smothers Brothers!

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