I.C.S ASCII Art Ad (Sep, 1944)

are you the I.C.S. type of man?

There is a definite I.C.S. type. The records of 100,000 current students . . . nearly 5 million students since 1891 . . . supply the outlines. Here’s how the typical enrollee shapes up at the time of beginning his studies: He is an adult. In wartime he is in the Armed Forces or in vital production. But war or peace, good times or bad times, he is an employed man. Circumstances have prevented his attending a college but he is ambitious, intelligent, determined to acquire the specialized training that will help him in his present job and prepare him for a better one.

Does the description fit you? Then you’ll be interested in what I.C.S. helps these students to achieve. In a single 30-day period we have received as many as 635 student letters reporting advancement in salary and position. In a period of 120 days we have received 1,920 such reports.

Graduates include the presidents, board chairmen, chief engineers or chief chemists of some of the largest steel, airplane, chemical, railroad and electrical equipment companies in the country. Thousands of others have registered substantial successes in their chosen fields. Here’s the kind of coupon they signed.


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  1. blast says: February 4, 20088:22 pm

    Well… it’s really typewriter art. How appropriate for a “correspondence” school.

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