I’d like to see them make (Nov, 1946)

Yes, the big advantage of voice recognition is that it allows you more time to sexually harass your secretary.

I’d like to see them make

Cartoons by SYD LANDI

Everybody has his own pet idea of some gadget he would like to see in general use. What is YOURS? Popular Science Monthly will pay five dollars for every such suggestion that its editors decide to publish.

Front-Door Viewer. Unwelcome callers could be avoided gracefully, thinks R. Auerbach, of New York City, if a television screen recorded their arrival.

Glowing Stairways. Coat the risers with phosphorescent paint, suggests James Brickel, of Burlington, Vt., and you will eliminate the need for electric lighting.

Car Refrigerator, it would save time and soothe tempers of tourists, declares Sidney R. Pell, of Floydada, Tex., to have cool drinks and food always at hand.

Conversation Cutter. Daniel Shane- field, of South Orange, N. J., proposes a visual means of notifying the long-winded telephoner that someone wants the wire.

Electronic Typewriter. Both boss and secretary might appreciate one, suggests Albert L. Maran, of Endicott, N.Y., that would transcribe automatically.

Adjustable Ironing Board. Mrs. Reis Kash, of Cincinnati, thinks it should have telescoping legs, so both short and tall women could iron comfortably.

  1. DrewE says: December 14, 201210:52 am

    At least four out of six (door CCTV cameras, car fridges, call waiting, and adjustable ironing boards) are readily available now. One (voice recognition for textual input) is available, but somewhat imperfect. Not too bad a record for this sort of thing.

    Were ironing boards really non-height-adjustable in 1946? Boards with folding legs (along the lines of the standard designs we use (or avoid using) today) were certainly available around that time.

  2. Toronto says: December 14, 20121:42 pm

    Glow in the dark markers on stairwells are fairly common too, on interior fire escapes.

  3. Hirudinea says: December 14, 20122:43 pm

    What I want to know is why is the guy in the glowing stairs cartoon wearing horse blinders?

  4. mcubstead says: December 15, 201212:54 pm

    Yes I too would like to know what’s with the blinders and the sunglasses.

  5. Toronto says: December 15, 20126:18 pm

    The dark glasses and the blinders are artifacts of convention in cartooning. How else would we know something was blindingly bright, in a stark black and white drawing?

    Then again, it’s possible the guy with the blinders is just into a weird sexual fixation involving wearing harness tack in public. If you google “pony guys subway”, don’t blame me for the results.

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