“If I were twice as big” (Dec, 1942)

“If I were twice as big”

“Then I could give the public all the service it wants and take care of the war on top of that.

“But I can’t get bigger now because materials are needed for shooting. So I’m asking your help to make the most of what we have.

“Please don’t make Long Distance calls to centers of war activity unless they are vital. Leave the wires clear for war traffic.”


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  1. Charlene says: March 6, 20126:20 pm

    Most ads of this time period stay away from literal descriptions of violence like “shooting”. I just downloaded a scan of a World War II booklet called “Knit for Victory”, in which are shown a number of soldiers, airmen, naval officers, etc. but no actual weapons or signs of danger. I suspect in 1943 nobody needed (or wanted) a reminder that a war was on.

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