If you’ve waited this long to buy a snowmobile, here’s your reward. (Nov, 1970)

If you’ve waited this long to buy a snowmobile, here’s your reward.

Skee-Horse Wide-Trac. The one that finally put it all together. Speed? The two cylinder 437 cc engine turns out 30 big horses. And the new Super-Torque transmission with over-drive makes good use of all 30! You’ll get quicker low end response and more effortless speed at the top. Skee-Horse is quick and fast.

Style? Just take a look. From the slick hideaway headlight to the contoured seat back, this one has eye appeal. Notice the new padded steering bars. Shaped grips. The rally instrument console.* And the new seat that sits as good as if looks.

Performance? Reverse and neutral lockout are standard. They are unavailable on most other machines. The new deep tread 20″ molded track is seamless. And our patented drive system eliminates sprocket holes. So you get longer track life and much better grab for climbing, cornering and side-hill traversing. The Wide-Trac starts with a key or the new “Mitt Grip” manual starting. Either way, you’ll get twin coil ignition, compression relief and a fuel injection primer for simple, sure starts.

Quality? Everywhere you look. The disappearing headlight is a sealed beam. The bumpers are real—they’ll take some bumps. The seamless fuel tank has a big six gallon capacity. Did we mention the caliper disc brakes and full length underseat storage? The engine is completely enclosed. So is noise, dirt and ugliness. The new Skee-Horse Wide-Trac is the way snowmobiling ought to be—but never was ’til now. And it’s just one of seven models awaiting your inspection at your Johnson Skee-Horse dealer. Stop in and storm out. Or write for a free brochure to Johnson Motors, Waukegan, Illinois 60085, Dept. PS-S711.

  1. Toronto says: October 7, 20083:23 pm

    I remember that car on the cover – “The Box.” With that shape, it would save a lot of time transferign the remains of the driver to anther coffin when it flipped due to the weird steering and rolled and rolled and rolled…

    And I’ve never seen anyone dress like that for snowmobiling, Johnson or no Johnson.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: October 8, 20087:38 pm

    Ah, 1970 fashion. If it were 1968 her coat would be leather. Possibly with fringe.

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