Ignorance IS OUT-OF-DATE in modern feminine hygiene (Aug, 1930)

Ignorance IS OUT-OF-DATE in modern feminine hygiene

Superior because safe, LUCOROL is non-injurious. Convenient and used without mixing. Price $2.50—sufficient for 25 applications. At your dealers or direct.


Dr. Lillian Whitney’s book of facts, “The Modern Science of Feminine Hygiene.” Tells “why” and “how” of modern methods. Explains new comfort and safety. Absolutely free. For your free copy just check and sign coupon below and mail it NOW.

for modern feminine hygiene LUCOROL

Peck & Sterba, Inc., 6 W 24th St. Dept. A2 New York City

  1. Chris Radcliff says: March 31, 20091:29 pm

    Wow. Absolutely anything could be in that package, and the ad copy would read the same. Well played, snake-oil salesmen. Well played.

    At least it’s non-injurious.

  2. StanFlouride says: March 31, 20097:51 pm

    Also makes a delicious dessert topping or a convenient and long-lasting floor polish!

  3. Chroma says: April 1, 200912:09 am

    OK, I admit ignorance. What is it? It doesn’t sound like a tampon or a pad.

  4. Erin Lang says: April 1, 20095:47 pm

    Kinda interesting how apparently not buying douches will be a guarantee that guys will treat you like the plague. In comparision to Marilyn Monroe, blonde bombshell and every man’s nirvana, was recorded to actually being careless for the most part of her hygiene. Hm.

  5. RagManX says: April 2, 20092:12 pm

    Thanks to the magic of Google Books, I can see that Lucorol is a gel contraceptive:


    It appears to offer 5 minutes of spermicidal protection, which for most web users is about 3.5 minutes to long if you count the begging. 🙂

    I don’t think this is in any way related to this motor from Dupont:


  6. mickey says: April 6, 20098:51 am

    wow, i really missed the glory days of ignorance.

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