Ike Likes Art (Jul, 1952)

Ike Likes Art
GENERAL Dwight Eisenhower has been a very busy man. First it was the Army, then Columbia University, then SHAPE and now the White House could be just around the corner. A man couldn’t do the jobs Ike has done without having some means of relaxation. With Ike it’s art. When the whistle blows at the end of a tough day, the General unlimbers his art tools and makes like Rembrandt. And he does pretty well, too. One of his early pieces, a painting of an Indian head, sold for $2,600. His oils stole the show at Columbia art exhibit.

  1. Hirudinea says: January 12, 20125:51 pm

    Well its not great art but I’m sure it was an enjoyable hobby.

  2. Toronto says: January 12, 20128:23 pm

    That $2600 painting of David would be worth a house today, I expect.

  3. Sean says: January 16, 20129:49 am

    Did anyone else think of:
    when they saw this one?

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