“I’ll be with You Next Week in my New Heath Parasol” (Oct, 1930)

“I’ll be with You Next Week in my New Heath Parasol”

say thousands of new builders of America’s most popular sport plane. Start building your Parasol now for only $12.00!

This week, next week, every week —more and more Heath Parasols are in the air offering new thrills and new pleasures to countless thousands who never before could afford to fly. Some of these new flyers have long waited for a light plane offering complete safety with ease of handling. Others have been waiting for a truly dependable plane— at a cost they could afford. To both groups — the Heath Parasol now opens the airways of America for the first time in aviation history.

For the Heath Parasol is the easiest ship to fly ever built. It is off the ground in 4 seconds—and at the end of the field is higher than any plane ever created. Flyers who never be- fore have soloed—have flown the Parasol with ease and complete safety. Its cost is utterly without parallel. Consider that it goes 40 miles on a gallon of gasoline. Observe that it requires no airport as it lands on any field or even a highway. Then you will understand why it can be flown at the amazingly low cost of 1 cent a mile!

You, too, can build it Complete, the Parasol costs only $975— ready to fly away. Or if you want, build it yourself, as hundreds have already done, for only $199. Heath plans are clear and easy to follow, ana require no technical skill for their successful execution.

Parts are shipped in 11 convenient progressive groups. $12 brings the first shipment. Don’t delay another day. Hours of flying pleasure await you! Mail the coupon today.

1. The Successful result of 22 years of constant improvement.

2. Easiest plane to fly ever built.

3. 200 mile cruising radius.

4. 40 miles on a single gallon of gasoline.

5. Complete flying cost including fuel, storage, etc., less than 1 cent a mile.

6. High speed, 85 mph.

7. Winner in its class at the National Air Races —for four consecutive years.

8. Remarkably easy to build. Parts shipped in 11 consecutive progressive groups. $12 brings you the first shipment.

  1. MitchA says: April 20, 20128:04 am

    This is the company that went on to become Heathkit and they had kits for just about any electronic device you could think of. If I remember correctly, the owner of Heath died testing one of his kit planes…..

  2. Hirudinea says: April 20, 201211:57 am

    @ MitchA – Well it all depends on who builds the kit, but a home made transmitter is safer than a home made plane.

  3. Stephen says: April 21, 20126:07 am

    “lands on any field or highway” – a sign of the times, that Heath could assume highways would be empty enough to land an aircraft on them.

  4. GeorgeT says: April 23, 20125:52 am

    Where to start? I wonder what the $12 first shipment includes.

  5. MitchA says: April 23, 20125:50 pm

    GeorgeT ……. A wing and a prayer????

  6. MitchA says: April 23, 20125:53 pm

    GeorgeT….. A wing and a prayer ?????

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