Imagine! Your Christmas Greeting Inside a Chinese Fortune Cooky! (Oct, 1962)


Imagine! Your Christmas Greeting Inside a Chinese Fortune Cooky!

Your Friends will be Amazed and Delighted When They Open this Gay Attractive Package And See Your Personalized Greeting

Think of it! Just picture this scene, taking place in each of your friends’ homes!

Approximately one or two weeks before Christmas this year, your friends’ doorbell rings! There, in the hands of their postman, along with the usual run of ordinary Christmas cards, is something completely different — a small, cardboard Christmas container, with their name and address on the front, but with no other identification!

The ordinary cards are tossed aside! Eyes focus on this mysterious container as your friends slip it apart! And just picture the expression on their faces when they draw out of that container a lovely Christmas Ornament Box — with its brilliant red braided silk string to hang it on their tree — with the year 1962 in blazing red numerals on its face — with its sides and bottom covered with gay white, red, yellow and brown Christmas figures — and with its top printed with the command, in red letters, to “OPEN ME HERE”! As your friends open that top, as they peer into the inside of that beautiful little Christmas box—what they see is a Chinese Fortune Cooky — the eternal symbol of good luck, good fortune and long-lived happiness!

And when they break open that Fortune Cooky, there, inside, individually printed on colored Christmas paper, is your personal greeting – SIGNED BY YOUR OWN PRINTED NAME!

Yes! This Christmas, you can amaze your friends and loved ones with a completely different kind of Christmas Greeting Package — that gives them a thrilling surprise when they open it — that hangs as an attractive ornament on their Christmas tree after they open it — that they’ll pick off that tree and show with pride to their friends for months to come — and yet, that costs you no more than a ordinary, good-quality Christmas Card that you buy in a store!

No wonder your phone will ring constantly the week before Christmas, congratulating you on this amazing Christmas greeting! No wonder your friends will beg you to tell them where you got it! No wonder they’ll hang it in a place of honor on their tree — take it off that tree to show to their friends.

And how much does all this fun cost you?

As you know, regular good-quality Christmas Cards usually cost 50c — 75c—even $1 or more each! But now, if you take advantage of this special offer, you can send your friends these personalized Chinese Fortune Cooky Christmas Packages — complete — for as little as 32c each!

Yes! If you order twelve of these amazing Christmas Greetings, the price is only $4.98 for the complete package delivered to your door — or only about 40c each! If you order twenty-five, then each fortune cooky greeting gift cost you only 36c each! If, however, you order fifty or more, then the price can be lowered to only 32c each, or $15.95 for fifty. This is far less than many good quality cards that cannot compare in the impact and joy that they will give your CHINESE SANTA CLAUS SAY: “Have Happy Thought — Give Greeting that is also Gift!*9 Rush your order today to get your cooky greetings in ample time for Christmas mailing. Orders received after Nov. 20th will be returned. So send coupon right away.

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  1. Al Bear says: January 30, 200911:13 am

    Gotta love the cooky white chinese man.

  2. Al says: January 30, 20091:06 pm

    Funny thing is that this is dead simple to do at home. Fortune cookies are basically a sweetish batter that’s cooked on a griddle. Remove, insert message, fold and it will harden up in seconds.

    I smell a cheesy Christmas gift in the works… 🙂

  3. LightningRose says: January 30, 20092:45 pm

    Al, there’s no cheese in the recipe! 😉

  4. Paul says: January 30, 200910:17 pm

    “No wonder your phone will ring constantly the week before Christmas, congratulating you on this amazing Christmas greeting!” Dammit, how will I handle all those calls?

  5. rsterling78 says: January 31, 20091:50 am

    Chinese Santa Claus say, “Racial sterotype trite and offensive – even by 1962 standard.”

  6. Rick Auricchio says: January 31, 20091:26 pm

    Charlie’s dad would make mac-and-cheesy fortune pancakes!

    Here’s the place for fancy fortune cookies: http://www.thefortunate…

  7. jayessell says: January 31, 20097:04 pm

    I am being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory!
    Lucky numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 and 42.

  8. Allseeingisland says: April 19, 20099:32 am

    Red *is* considered an auspicious colour in China, but apart from that they got everything else wrong.

  9. Zyzzyva says: December 15, 20091:50 am

    When did cookie drop the y, anyways?

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