IMPORTER’S SACRIFICE SALE! World Famous KORIUM Hunting Knives (Jul, 1956)


from Solingen, Germany
REG. 3.95—NOW 1/2 PRICE: 1.98

Take Your Pick-all one low price!

These unique hand forged hunting knives are made by world-renowned craftsmen of SOLINGEN, GERMANY. Sharp, rugged blades are genuine KORIUM steel. The handsome, unusual designs have won recognition in sports circles throughout Europe. American hunters and fishermen, too, have been quick in expressing their enthusiastic approval. Over 100,000 already sold here! Now you, too, can get your favorite design—direct from the importer at a rock-bottom price! The blades are actually sharp enough to shave with; will stand up against most rugged treatment. Genuine leather scabbard tailored for each knife—metal tipped for sharp pointed models. Lengths 9 to 10 inches. The tough, sturdy KORIUM steel made in Germany assures you years of dependable service. Their sleek graceful lines also provide ideal rec room or den decorations. Dandy gifts for men— and a sportsman’s delight! Import supply limited. The low $1.98 price for both knife and scabbard means you’ll have to act fast! Send $1.98 for prompt prepaid delivery, or order COD plus postage. Your money back if not delighted. Check desired model in coupon below.

A. Helen of Troy Golden Hued Handle.

B. Black Forest Hunting Knife. NEW DELUXE MODEL.

C. Monarch Stag & Chrome Handle with Tri-Color Etched Blade.


Powerful Flashlite Changes Colors like Magic. . . RED, WHITE or GREEN!

NOW YOURS AT 1/2 PRICE: 99c Presto! … at your fingertips . . . automatic switch gives you powerful white, red or green beam visible miles away. Spotlite and floodlite combined. So dependable for home, farm, office, factory. Lifesaving friend in highway emergencies. Thousands in use by police in all states. Over 100,000 sold for 1.98 to 2.98. For a limited time only 99c plus 11c mailing costs (total 1.10). Order by No. 75.

THORESEN’S, Dept. 10-G-800 352 Fourth Avenue, New York 10, N.Y.

  1. Clay says: March 28, 201210:43 am

    I still have the Helen of Troy after all these years. The blade steel is good, but handle is cast crap and scabbard a
    thin leather joke. If you try throwing one of these, A or B, one of the prongs will break off. Break off the other to
    keep it balanced. What did you expect for $1.98?


  2. Charlene says: March 29, 20128:51 pm

    I can see why Helen of Troy’s prongs would break off so easily: they’re very prominent.

  3. Clay says: October 9, 201212:42 pm

    Thanks for the laugh Charlene, ha! The Other prongs!

    Best regards,


  4. atbuz says: June 25, 20183:50 pm

    The price 1.98 was in July 1956 should be very expensive I suppose, the salary was around 10 dollars by month only. Those knives at the current time must very expensive like antique items.

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