In Fatima the Difference is Quality (Sep, 1951)

That’s a pretty specific claim. Not the best cigarette, just the best long cigarette.

In Fatima the Difference is Quality

“I smoked FATIMAS when I was a Midshipman. I still do… because they have a better flavor and aroma. FATIMA is easily the best of all long cigarettes.”

VICE ADMIRAL Leland Lovette
U. S. N. (RET.)

FATIMA Best of All Long Cigarettes

  1. Stephen says: May 15, 20136:27 am

    He lived to be 70, which is a good age for a smoker in those days. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery 1967.

  2. Toronto says: May 17, 20136:43 pm

    I think one of my grandfathers was 73 in 1967, and he smoked like crazy (he was a locomotive engineer, so probably inhaled a lot worse over the years.) Cigarettes never got a chance to kill him – not when they were up against whiskey and corned beef.

    Not that I condone smoking. I’ve had one cigarette and maybe 2 cigars since 1987. Hey, wow! This very weekend must be my 26th anniversary of quitting for all intents and purposes (barring batchelor parties and funerals, I suppose.)

    I’ve also given up corned beef, except when I find myself in the Maritimes.

  3. Toronto says: May 17, 20136:49 pm

    PS: Grampa died in 1972, by the way. So he puffed his way to 78 or so. Granny made it to 96: drinking and smoking but eschewing pink meat.

  4. Hirudinea says: May 23, 20136:06 pm

    That must be a long cigarette, the admiral has been smoking it for a week.

  5. pwilliam56 says: June 5, 20139:04 am

    Is Charlie okay? It has been a long time since we have heard from you, Charlie, and we miss your posts. I hope all is well.

  6. DrewE says: June 6, 20139:38 am

    He appears to be alive and tweeting, so I assume it’s just a break from scanning and posting for some reason.

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