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Movie Star Invents Automatic Fag Vender Like Camera (Mar, 1932)

Movie Star Invents Automatic Fag Vender Like Camera

ACTORS can do other things besides act.

Lew Cody, for instance, blossomed out as a full-fledged inventor when he applied for a patent on an ingenious cigarette vender patterned after a movie camera. One turn of the handle on the camera and a cigarette is ejected from the lens barrel, as demonstrated in the photo at the left.

Injection Destroys Fag Nicotine (Jan, 1931)

Injection Destroys Fag Nicotine
THE pernicious cigarette can no longer be accused of coating the lungs with nicotine, for a German chemist has discovered a chemical which, when injected in the cigarette with the syringe shown above, rids the fag of this harmful drug, and thus renders it harmless.

Eliminates Nicotine From Fag (Feb, 1932)

Eliminates Nicotine From Fag
NICOTINE can now be eliminated from cigarettes by the use of a new device recently introduced in America known as the”Niconette.” The fag is moistened by a special chemical contained in the case which combines with the hot spark of the cigarette to eliminate the nicotine as the smoke is consumed.

Safety Holder for Fag Smokers (Mar, 1933)

The fact is, Jean Luc Picard can make anything look cool.

Safety Holder for Fag Smokers

For men whose wives complain about ashes on the rug, the invention of a Cincinnati, Ohio man will prove a great boon. This new “safety smoker,” as the gadget is called, consists of a small box like affair of light metal, with top and sides covered by a light screen. The fag is inserted and held as shown.

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff (Jul, 1930)

I can’t decide which picture I like better, the two guys fighting with sand blasters or the gas masks.

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff

A scene suggesting a fantastic stage setting is enacted daily in a remote room of the General Electric Company’s plant at Schenectady, N.Y. There, under the glare of powerful lights, gnomelike workmen scour large steel castings to prepare them for a coat of paint. Hoses in their hands discharge a continuous, clattering volley of fine steel shot upon the part being cleaned. In this dusty atmosphere, the men must wear headgear like divers’ helmets, with fresh washed air supplied to them continuously through tubes from outside the room.

NEW in SCIENCE (Jul, 1952)


Sharpnel-Proof Vest is displayed by Pfc. Ralph Barlow of Redondo Beach, California. While in front line action in Korea, Barlow was hit by shrapnel and knocked to ground, but received no serious injury. Vest stopped the metal fragment.

Bell X-5 is undergoing tests at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It is our first plane able to change the sweep of its wings in flight from the most forward position, top, to a fully sweptback position, bottom, in 30 seconds. It is jet propelled.

CONEY ISLAND — Which Way’s the Ocean? (Sep, 1951)

CONEY ISLAND — Which Way’s the Ocean?


They call this beach The Poor Man’s Riviera, but on any hot Sunday substitute Bedlam-by-the-Sea. It’s also the only known habitat of certain species yet unclassified by science—like the knish bootlegger THE defendant in Coney Island Magistrates’ Court one muggy midsummer morning was a squat, balding man in a sport shirt. He listened impatiently as the charge against him was read: A startled policeman had found him on the jammed beach fetchingly attired in a woman’s ofF-the-shoulder dress, and had given him a summons for “causing a crowd to collect.”

Peter Pan Bra Ad – the Secret’s in the Circle! (Jun, 1949)

the Secret’s in the Circle!

Lo and behold, here’s the beauty bra for flattering curves… designed for every neckline. • miracle separator* gives you perfect separation, uplift, control—always, all-ways. Glorious comfort … it breathes with you! • Be alluring —softly feminine! The secret’s in the circular stitching and fagotted seams of the new merry-go-round cup. Pre-tested shrinkage control —fit and lift won’t wash out.

Who Are the Quacks? (Mar, 1922)

Woo is eternal.

Who Are the Quacks?

By Annie Riley Hale

YOU see the Allopaths arrived first, with Hippocrates, and quickly seized all the natural strongholds,—popular ignorance and superstition, the laissez-faire instinct of the mob to be led or driven, and the panicky animal fear of pain and death. These they further fortified with traditions of medical learning and omniscience; with the alleged inability of the lay mind to grasp any ordinary physiological fact; and the pleasing fiction that every physician is a man of science, holding the only key to health.




YOU’RE a businessman with a rough problem to analyze but your brain is fagged and answers don’t come. You slide open your desk drawer, reach for the buff-colored pills, gulp one. The scrambled wits reassemble themselves like magic and soon you’re sharp as a tack again.