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This modern table and bench set is easy to construct and goes equally well in the garden or breakfast room.

By John Harter

IF you’re the type of person who appreciates the clean, trim lines of today’s functional design, this table and bench set is for you.

Light and airy looking, it’s as well suited for use on the terrace or lawn during the summer as for conventional dining indoors in winter. In either location it will attract many admiring glances from friends and visitors.

Begin by purchasing fourteen 2×2-in. strips of redwood or cedar, each 6 feet long. Buy, too, twelve 5-foot strips for the bench tops.

With your saw and chisel notch the bottom end of each piece so you can inset the tie-strip, lx2-in. in size. Note that only a half-notch is made in each end piece to hide the edge of the inset strip.

Round off the top corners of all strips with sandpaper to achieve a more finished and pleasing look. Carefully sand the top and sides so the wood will be clean and smooth for finishing.

Next—before assembly—finish each piece with three coats of good hard bar varnish. The first coat should be cut one-to-one with turpentine. Rub each piece with steel wool or fine sandpaper between coats.

After finishing is complete, assemble the table and benches using 1-1/4-in. countersunk screws to hold the top strips to the inset pieces. Attach the black wrought iron legs and you’re ready for use.

Despite their light look, the benches will readily support three adults on each side of this table.

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