Inflated Trunks for Safe Swimming (Dec, 1930)

Inflated Trunks for Safe Swimming

AN inventor from Vienna has figured out a way whereby non-swimmers who like to go swimming in deep water may do so with perfect safety. He has perfected a water wing device, shown in the photo at the left, which amounts to a pair of inflated, airtight shorts or trunks. They are blown up by the small air pump when the swimmer is about to take to the water.

  1. roflcopter says: October 25, 200712:57 am

    yeah right, and it helps to learn the deadmans float a lot…

  2. sweavo says: October 25, 20071:59 am

    hahahahahahhah. I want those to be sold today! What a lot of fun watching people who can’t swim trying to keep their heads out of the water when their asses are more buoyant!

  3. mrchurchill109 says: October 25, 20074:22 am

    That has got to be REALLY uncomfortable….not to mention just plain dumb.

    The flotation (as mentioned above) is all wrong – this setup would be more likely to float you with our feet out of the water than anything else.

    Not such a good idea.


  4. Thundercat says: October 25, 20077:32 am

    I always wondered why my invention of inflatable swimming shoes never took off….

  5. nlpnt says: October 25, 20077:52 am

    I’m just surprised nobody’s mentioned beans yet….

  6. Julie says: October 25, 20071:19 pm

    How often do “non-swimmers” like to go swimming in deep water, anyway?

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