Injection Destroys Fag Nicotine (Jan, 1931)

Injection Destroys Fag Nicotine
THE pernicious cigarette can no longer be accused of coating the lungs with nicotine, for a German chemist has discovered a chemical which, when injected in the cigarette with the syringe shown above, rids the fag of this harmful drug, and thus renders it harmless.

  1. Michael Patrick says: June 5, 200810:02 am

    “Injection Destroys Fag Nicotine”
    It is really hard to resist commenting on the article title…… but I shall.

  2. jayessell says: June 5, 200810:07 am

    I hope neutralizing the Nicotine in their 1931 era cigerettes
    didn’t have any adverse effects on the GERMANS!

  3. fluffy says: June 6, 20083:33 pm

    Aside from being the reason people keep on smoking them, I’m pretty sure it’s not the nicotine that is the dangerous part that needs neutralizing.

    Without the nicotine, why would there even be any incentive to smoking anyway? This is like drinking caffeine free Mountain Dew.

  4. Blurgle says: June 7, 20086:33 pm

    Nicotine has at least one dangerous effect outside of the addictive principle; it constricts blood vessels, which isn’t a good thing for someone who already has heart disease.

  5. mikiyas says: December 16, 200810:23 pm

    i think nicotine is parts of the drugs and i think it is really dangers.

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