Inside Uncle Tom (Nov, 1953)

Inside Uncle Tom

Which car does Tom McCahill really like best?

What kind of a guy is he personally?

What testing methods does he use?

Have the companies tried to “get” to him?

If you’ve been struck by the McCahill Mania, you’ll want to read all the answers in Rex Lardner’s Mister Car Tester in the November CARS.

AND IN THE SAME ISSUE: CARS has another exclusive with photos and road test of the new MG (First Report On The New MG).

CARS takes a 7,000-mile trip across the nation, investigating the country’s most notorious speed traps (CARS Tours America’s Speed Traps).

CARS tells the amazing story of the company that put out too good an automobile (The Pierce-Arrow Legend).

CARS uncovers a revolution quietly taking place on drag strips and junkyards (Hot Rods Are Doomed).

For bumper-to-bumper coverage of everything automotive read CARS—November issue now on your newsstand—25 cents

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  1. rsterling78 says: January 10, 200911:51 pm

    What kind of guy is he personally?

    The kind of guy who allows himself to be photographed with his shirt buttoned all the way to the top while sporting a goofy look on his face while the steering wheel of the car he’s in obscures his mouth.

    Oh, and what’s up with the left handed, interdigital steering wheel grip?

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