That guy looks really excited about huffing his oxygen. I wonder if the tanks come with the prosthetic hand too?

Full Gallon only $1.98

Completely Safe Medically Pure

These USP oxygen tanks should be on hand at all times—for any purpose where small amounts of oxygen are required quickly. These are quick-supply aerosol cans. Release oxygen at push-button speed. No prescription required, no mask needed. Complete unit (disposable) when one can is empty you use another. Only $1.98 per gallon can, plus 25c PP & Hdlg. SPECIAL: 3 units, $5.75 plus 50c PP & Hdlg.

  1. Stannous says: June 3, 200710:17 pm

    Huffing 02!

    By the way, when you think about it, huffing is just aromatherapy for poor people.

  2. jayessell says: June 4, 20078:45 am

    1) As seen used by President Skroob in the motion picture “Spaceballs”. Brand name: PerriAir

    2) Transportaion of this product via air cargo not reccommended.

    3) The illustration shows the can labeled “Sobair”.
    Was pure O2 a hangover cure?

    4) GAH! “Spaceballs: The Animated Series” now in production!?!

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  4. jimmythegeek says: December 14, 201011:08 am

    Occasionally, the ads you scan are incomplete like this one. I like to see where wacky things like this were being sold from. But usually, if it was medical quackery, it was New York City. If it was porn, it was California.

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