Instant pix from tiny TV tube (Jun, 1970)

Instant pix from tiny TV tube

Shown here actual size, these two photos are part of a picture sequence made by contact printing quick-copy photographic paper (in a perforated roll) with a new and remarkable TV tube. Made by Panasonic, the 1.5-inch miniature cathode-ray tube has a fiber-optics face plate and a high-resolution electron gun, yielding pictures of 300-350 lines resolution. To print ordinary TV pictures, silver halide paper in contact with the fiber-optics tube face is exposed to light from the screen phosphors during the scanning period of a single frame— 1/30 second. The processing time is about 15 seconds. Video printer will be used to make pictures from closed-circuit TV (as here), broadcast TV, computer outputs, and specialized sources.

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  1. M.S.W. says: October 21, 20119:50 am

    Now if the orginal Star Trek lasted another year they probably would have had this put into a hero version of the tricorder. 😉

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