So he can read the dials of his car’s instruments without taking his eyes from the road, a Binghampton, N. Y., engineer has redesigned his car and placed them on the hood. A streamline housing for the meters gives the car a distinctive appearance. At night the dials are illuminated by a small light on a standard just in front of the windshield. Hinges of special design are attached to the hood, enabling it to be swung clear of the instrument panel when lifted to fill the crankcase or inspect the engine.

  1. Stannous says: February 10, 20077:17 pm

    I’d cross refer this to the ‘Impractical’ category-
    can’t imagine it working in the rain, in snow, or if the windshield fogged up and the exterior light can’t have worked as well as lighted dials.

  2. Kryten007 says: February 10, 200710:10 pm

    Actually, don’t hot-rodders still do this?

  3. Oliver says: March 31, 20083:58 pm

    It’s a neat if silly idea… I know from experience how remarkabl;y invisible instruments on cars that age are, even in the daylight.. Kind of a logical progression, as they often had thermometers on the radiator cap in any case.

  4. Andrew says: December 5, 20087:31 am

    Modern Ag planes have a GPS display mounted in a similar way.

  5. Laura says: December 20, 20082:28 am

    Kryten007, they sure do – especially if it’s a fuel pressure gauge. Sometimes they’re under the hood, too. Piping fuel lines into the cabin is a big no-no 🙂

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