intercontinental top coats (Oct, 1968)

intercontinental top coats

What goes better with a sporty car like American Motors’ AMX now that winter is coming on than a pair of sporty “Two-Continent Coats,” like these, designed by Frank Toscani of H. Daroff & Sons (Worsted Tex)? With all but the top row of buttons buttoned they conform to the European military styling. With only the bottom rows buttoned the coats conform to the American profile styling favored by domestic designers. By his ingenious use of buttons Toscani has sewn the best of two worlds into one garment.

  1. rsterling78 says: September 9, 20089:04 pm

    For some reason I expect the fellow in the ad to say, “Mr. Anderson..” like Agent Smith.

    The Matrix: 1968.

  2. galessa says: September 10, 20089:08 pm

    the whole thing makes me sad for today’s “celebrities” looks.

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